Secure Socket Layer (SSL) a fastest growing technology adopted by millions of tech-geeks to secure their user communications with the server. First SSL protocol version 1.0 was developed by Netscape. SSL creates a secure and encrypted link between a browser and a server where users can safely transmit their information.

E-commerce Technology is changing, growing and developing since past decade. The number of internet users and online shoppers are increasing day by day. As per Statista’s recent survey, the number of online shoppers are about to reach 215 million in upcoming years. Peoples are using E-commerce to buy or sale products or services over the internet. To shop online, users have to make use of their profile information, financial account details & login credentials etc. An E-Commerce websites owner must have to provide a secure environment to secure their user’s information, which help them to shop online freely.

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Why EV SSL for E-commerce?

Generally, E-commerce businesses are becoming a victim of common vulnerabilities and attacks as Price Manipulation, Phishing scam, Email Scam, Buffer overflows, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Remote command execution, DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) Attack, Network Sniffing. Using these attacks, hackers are able to monitor the website traffic, breach users private data, upload malware in users systems, send malicious emails and files, and redirect users to another malicious page. To prevent these types of attacks from hackers, an EV SSL certificates play a significant. Cyber security expert recommends SSL as the best available option to secure e-commerce websites.

3 Reasons for Using EV SSL Certificate:

Highest Level of Trust and Authentication
Customer’s trust and security are needed every e-commerce websites. EV SSL certificates give the highest level of trust and authentication to the websites using its strongest 256-bit encryption length and 2048-bit signature. EV SSL certificates create security enabled environment for e-Commerce customers.

It comes up with active Green Address Bar along with organization name in URL which is the indicators of online trust which shows the website is safe to use and business is legitimate & verified by a trusted certificate authority.

Secures Customers Sensitive Information
During online shopping, every customer requires to secure their private information’s like credit card details, debit cards details, login credentials, financial transactions, etc. on e-commerce websites. EV SSL enables secure and encrypted connections to the customers where customers can easily transfer their sensitive information over the web.

HTTPS + Green Address Bar
With EV SSL Certificate, E-commerce website owners get the Green address bar along with organization name in URL with HTTPS that creates online trust and confidence on the web. It helps users to understand the website is safe to use and business is legitimate & verified by a trusted certificate authority. This helps an e-commerce business to boost the user’s confidence as well as websites sales over the web.

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As we’ve cleared above, Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the best choice for e-commerce businesses where the customer’s trust is needed. An EV SSL certificate is reliable and trusted for e-commerce websites. Trusted Certificate Authority provides an EV SSL certificates like Symantec EV SSL, Comodo EV SSL, GeoTrust EV SSL, and Thawte EV SSL.

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An extended Validation SSL certificate not only useful on an e-commerce website. It can be also useful to small and mid-sized business websites. It is not only a secure e-commerce business but also boosts the website’s sales and create a unique identity over the web. Get e-commerce website secure now with high discounted extended validation certificates.