Today’s E-commerce Business world, the internet become an important role in an individual’s life. There are millions of websites listed over the internet and we all surfing multiple websites on a daily basis (such as social networks, brand, information & knowledge, University, banking, reference websites, questions answer websites, forum websites, etc.) but have you ever thought is these websites secure our information & data? We, all of sharing our personal details (like email id, address, phone number, city, ) and financial details (like credit card details, debit card details, financial credentials) with these websites. If you think that you sharing information like debit card details, credit card details, login credentials all are safe over a website then you have wrong.

Today, Cyber Criminals are active to thief the customer’s private information, so every website owner gives an assurance to their users that every detail they have entered into their website will remain private and not sharable with others. The most common way to protect and secure a website from Cyber Criminals to secure that website an SSL Certificate. SSL is a web security protocol that is used to transfer personal information or documents over the internet. If the SSL certificate installed on a website, it gives confidence to customers to share their private information with the website.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate has many benefits for both website owners as well as users. In this blog, we cover the most important benefits of it.

Encrypts the Information

The main purpose of having an SSL Certificate is to encrypt the information so that it can remain private and only be read and interpreted by the authorized parties. The personal information such as credit card number, business transaction details, login credential, etc. that are submitted via the internet passes through more than one systems before reaching its final destination.


Delivers Secure Authentication

As a website owner, be sure that all personal information on your website includes customer’s information goes to the right server without any prevention. Another type of protection you will be issued called a server certificate when getting an SSL Certificate. This certificate acts as a mediator between SSL server and browsers to show that the SSL certificate provider is trustworthy.

Secure Authentication

Secure Online Transaction & Payments

In the online industry, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is a Data Security Standard (DSS) that need an online business owner with the proper encryption of at least 128-bit. The role of the PCI Standards is to verify that the SSL Certificate is from the Trusted source.

• Secure Online Transaction & Payments

Provides Trust Site Seal

Certificate Authorities provide an SSL Certificate with Trusted Site Seal that indicates the website is trusted by trustworthy CA. Displaying this trust seal gives customers an extra level of assurance that their information is safe.

Provides Trust Site Seal

To Increase Customer Trust

To create trust between a website owner and a customer with all the above benefits. Using an SSL Certificate, a website owner provides security for their customer’s personal information and boost their confidence over the internet.


Rank Website in Google SERP

Recently Google announced their Online Security Blog that “Google starts giving a ranking boost to SSL Certificate for Website Security.” That means if any website powered with SSL Certificate will improve ranking benefit in Google SERP. Google said their test results for the past few months, the HTTPS signal displayed the positive results in terms of relevancy and ranking in Google’s search results. So it’s recommended to every business owner to switch their website HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the internet.