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Limenex SSL Coupon Code

Limenex is one of the private web-hosting company running successfully since June 2010 who has made its mark by providing secured services to thousands of businesses, individuals and governments around the globe. Apart from web-hosting, they have also ventured into other areas, and one of them is SSL Certificates. If you’re one of those looking for SSL/TLS Certificates, Limenx offers a wide range of SSL Certificates, which you can use to secure your domain, sub-domains, shopping portal or any organization-based websites. If the price is the concern, below are the Limenex SSL Coupon Code by which you can get up to 75% off without losing any benefits and features provided by Limenex.


75% Off – Comodo Essential SSL Certificate@ $9.45/yr

Huge 75% Off on Comodo Essential SSl Certificate – Secure your basic website only at $9.45/yr.


30% Off – Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate @ $239.85/yr

30% Off on Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate – Secure up to 100 different FQDNs only at $239.85/yr


35% Off – Symantec Secure Site EV @ $578.70/yr

35% Off – Symantec Secure Site EV – Get advantage of reduced visitor abandonment & improve your conversions only at $578.70/yr


50% Off – GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV @ $125.10/yr

Flat 50% Off – Secure your sensitive Transactions using GeoTrust TrueBusinessID with EV only at $125.10/yr


5% Off – Symantec Secure Site Wildcard @ $1651.50/yr

Get 5% Off & Secure your organizations domains and sub-domains using Symantec Secure Site Wildcard only at $1651.50/yr